Sound World Solutions on The Today Show

Personal sound amplifiers, such as the CS50 from Sound World Solutions, put more control in the hands of consumers than ever before to enhance hearing. They are incredibly easy to customize and control. With the benefits Bluetooth functionality provides in these personal sound amplifiers, the hearing aid industry has also started to make hearing aids compatible with Apple’s iPhone, as well as other smartphones.

Hearing Aids & Personal Sound Amplifiers: Now “Hip”?

Sound World Solutions was recently featured on a segment of The Today Show, entitled “Hip Hearing Aids” were Matt Lauer and Dr. Neil DiSarno, Chief Staff Officer of the American Speed-Language-Hearing Association, took a look at the some “high tech products to help you hear better.” After reviewing a handful of $2,000+ hearing aid devices the duo took note of the $350 price tag on the CS50 personal sound amplifier from Sound World Solutions.

You can view the entire Today Show hearing aid segment here:

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