We were honored to be invited to a special event at The White House last week, the Design for All Showcase. Our Founder and CEO, Stavros Basseas, represented Sound World Solutions at the gathering. The event celebrated those individuals and organizations working to provide solutions incorporating inclusive design, assistive technology, and prosthetics. We are proud of the work that we do and grateful for the recognition that the work is providing value to many.

Assume that he or she will be “normal” and kind to you. In the waiting time (sometimes long) in front of the room, you can take information about how he or she questions (Does he read the entire text, asks a lot of questions).
But resist the desire to know if it is “cool” “nice”, “severe”, etc. The negative impression of another candidate could freak you unnecessarily: it is his feeling, you can quite have another because each oral is unique, do not forget it. Rather than worrying about what is unknown (the face of the examiner, the question you will fall on), focus on everything you can prepare upfront for success: “For example, we can think about preparing his outfit (clean, sober), his equipment, his journey, and then think in advance how the test will unfold, says Muriel Derhy, writer from typemyessays who helps high school students to manage stress bac . This allows minimizing all the effects of surprise. Prepare your material particularly well: list of works, books to present to the teacher. Check that you have some rough paper and of course what to write.

You can find more detail about the event here.