Centro Cristiano de Servicios Medicos

Much of the media coverage about the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier has discussed Sound World Solutions’ social mission: to create a sustainable business model of providing affordable hearing devices in the developing world. That mission drives our company. While the CS10 was first launched in the U.S. market, its innovative design is intended to solve the many obstacles that exist in developing markets.

Our social mission was first realized through our partnership with Centro Cristiano de Servicios Medicos in the Dominican Republic. After receiving training for their staff and conducting pilot fittings in September, their team is now conducting hearing evaluations, fitting devices, and providing an affordable option for people in their community.

We are applying what we have learned in the Dominican Republic to a pilot program that will take place in Nigeria later this month. We will also initiate programs in Guatemala and Paraguay by the end of the year. As we move forward, we will scale our social mission work to additional countries around the world that are likewise in need of access to affordable hearing devices.

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