PARK RIDGE, IL,  December 1, 2012 – Sound World Solutions announces plans to launch their initial product, the CS10 Bluetooth Series™ Personal Sound Amplifier, in early 2013.

The CS10 targets consumers who have what would be described as “normal” hearing, yet would still benefit from occasional assistance. It looks like a Bluetooth headset, and functions incredibly well in that regard. The CS10 provides three selectable preset amplification profiles and personal volume control. The product’s sound clarity feature improves speech intelligibility in the most challenging listening situations. Consumers with smartphones will be able to download our CS10 Customizer App that permits increased personalization, and will enable them to have on-the-go control of their unit.

Right or left ear versions of the CS10 will be available for purchase in our online store here starting in January of 2013, and will retail for just $299.

Sound World Solutions

Sound World Solutions designs, manufactures and sells premium performance consumer products that help people rediscover the power of connection, recognizing that sound and clarity are an integral part of human interaction. In 2013, the company introduced its first product based on a design platform that brings affordable functionality to millions of people who require occasional hearing assistance. Sound World Solutions also collaborates with organizations providing hearing health studies and services and on–the–ground solutions in developing markets throughout the world.