PARK RIDGE, IL, February 27, 2013 – Sound World Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of the CS10 Personal Sound Amplifier. The CS10 is designed for consumers who don’t need a hearing aid but could use occasional assistance in hearing, particularly in difficult listening situations or environments.

“We see a huge need in the US, where millions of individuals could benefit from a product that helps them in situations where the volume and clarity of sounds around them are less than what they would prefer,” says co-founder and company president, Stavros Basseas.

The CS10 looks like a Bluetooth headset, and functions incredibly well for mobile phone calls. As a personal sound amplifier, the CS10 also provides users with three selectable preset amplification profiles to help hear and understand the people around them. In addition, the CS10 is user customizable in terms of fit and audio performance.

The three preset amplification profiles can be accessed right out of the box. However, the free CS10 Customizer app permits increased personalization, and provides on-the-go control via Bluetooth. The app, currently available in Android smartphone and Mac OS X versions, walks users through a personalization program, and enables environmental settings like “Restaurant” and “Entertainment” modes. The app also has an equalizer screen where users can make adjustments to treble, mid-range and bass frequencies for a truly customized sound profile.

The company’s sound clarity feature helps deliver superb sound quality. At the core of this feature are proprietary algorithms for digital signal processing, multi-channel input and output compression, and feedback and echo cancellation. “We put a great deal of effort into being sure our personal sound amplifier not only improves audibility, but also intelligibility,” said Basseas. “The CS10 lets you turn up the volume while also cleaning up your sound.”

Right or left ear versions of the CS10 are available for purchase at for just $299.99, backed by a no risk 30-day money back guarantee.

Sound World Solutions

Sound World Solutions designs, manufactures and sells premium performance consumer products that help people rediscover the power of connection, recognizing that sound and clarity are an integral part of human interaction. In 2013, the company introduced its first product based on a design platform that brings affordable functionality to millions of people who require occasional hearing assistance. Sound World Solutions also collaborates with organizations providing hearing health studies and services and on–the–ground solutions in developing markets throughout the world. Visit us at