I have used hearing assistance devices for about 20 years. I have used many types and price ranges but finally, there is a solution…the Companion (HD100) from Sound WorldSolutions.

Do Your Own Hearing Test

You can do an excellent test of your hearing using the Companion and the Customizer app for iPhone or Android devices. Like the tests they give you at hearing aid companies, you press a button when you hear a series of tones. This tests your hearing and customizes the Companion for your hearing loss.

You Make Your Own Adjustments

You can also use the free app to adjust your Companion any time you wish to turn up the volume, turn down the volume or change the tone. I get hearing quality as good as or better than I had in my most expensive hearing aids. It feels good to be the one who can change the volume when I need to.

Rechargeable Batteries

I always hated needing disposable batteries for my hearing aids. They would run out of power during meetings or at other inconvenient times and need to be changed. They are also quite expensive. The Companion runs on rechargeable batteries that come with the system. I plug them in overnight and get a full day and evening out of a charge.

Use with Your Phone

The Companion is Bluetooth compatible. I just turn on Bluetooth on my phone and it “pairs” with the Companion, allowing me to can make and receive calls hands-free that I can hear perfectly. I can also hear driving directions and even music from my phone. This feature alone is worth the price of the Companion.

Three Pre-settings – Great Quality

The Companion comes with three presets you can switch between with the touch of a single button. The factory settings are “every day”, “restaurant” (allows you to hear people near you better and filters out far away conversations and noises) and “entertainment”. You can custom tune these settings with the Customizer app. The quality of the sound is the best I have had in any hearing system including those that cost thousands more.

Fantastic Value

The price of the Companion is going to surprise you. How can something this good be so inexpensive? Try it and find out…it comes with a refund guarantee, so you can’t lose. The Companion is only $299.00! The price is so low, I almost dismissed it as a poor quality system but it is better than systems I have paid thousands for.

I am just a customer, but I wanted to tell those of you who are suffering from hearing loss. Visit their site at www.soundworldsolutions.com if you want to find out more.

Tony Delisi is a real estate agent specializing in seniors. His hearing loss was the result of his years as a professional musician. Tony approached Sound World Solutions and offered to write a review because he feels so strongly about the Companion. He shared with us that he has a large box he calls “The Hearing Aid Graveyard” which is filled with at least 15 hearing aids and several Bluetooth devices that he has tried in the past but that has not met his needs. We are honored to share Tony’s story with you. Visit Tony’s Facebook page at Tony Delisi Real Estate, https://www.facebook.com/homesforsalebytony?fref=ts.