On Christmas Eve, Sound World Solutions was covered on the CBS Evening News in a segment reported by Barry Petersen. Below are an excerpt and the segment video.

CBS Evening News & Sound World PSA

It’s said the clacking of dominoes is the music of the Dominican Republic, but it’s been years since the game sounded so good to retiree Fernando Valverde Baez, who lost his hearing because of old age.

“The difference is that you hear the sound even of the air, and the breeze,” said Baez. “I hear a little bird, that little bird, that just chirped.”

Baez can hear the birds again because of Stavros Basseas, and a remarkable device from his company Sound World Solutions.

Baez doesn’t care if his hearing aid is a little bulky or looks unfashionable, as long as he can now hear his wife say one thing. He said, “She would say, “I love you,” and I wouldn’t be able to hear well. Now she can whisper it to me, and I’ll hear her.”

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