The new Sidekick, CS50+ and CS10 personal sound amplifiers & the companion hearing aid offer the greatest benefits in the boardroom, at a restaurant or bar, at home, in public spaces, or on the go. Click below to learn more.


Do you find it difficult to hear your colleagues during board meetings and other business conversations, in our out of the office? Do people think you’re not paying attention?

Never feel out of the loop again with the CS50+ or CS10 personal sound amplifier. They provide the clarity you need to stay engaged and actively participate.

The Bluetooth Series of personal sound amplifiers look like ordinary Bluetooth headsets, so no one needs to know you are utilizing an amplifier. And they are light and comfortable enough to wear throughout an entire conference.


Have you ever been sitting in a crowded restaurant or bar with family or friends and not been able to hear the person sitting across the table from you? It’s not fun feeling left out in these noisy environments.

The directionality of the CS50+ and CS10 personal sound amplifiers, particularly in Restaurant Mode works to filter out background noises like other people, TV and machinery, and instead enhances the sounds coming from in front of you.

Instead of straining to hear your companions, try one of our personal sound amplifiers so you can relax and enjoy the conversation.

At Home

How often have you been told to turn the TV down, had difficulty following the conversation at the dinner table or not heard your guests at a party?

With the CS50+ or CS10 personal sound amplifier at home, you can listen to the television at volumes that won’t disturb the kids doing their homework or a sleeping spouse.

And if you’re hosting a party or dinner, you’ll be able to filter the increased ambient noise and focus on catching up with friends and family.

Public Spaces

Airports, train stations, other transit terminals, shopping malls, and public spaces, in general, are some of the most challenging listening environments. The level of background noise from people and machines can make it difficult for even those with excellent hearing

The CS50+ and CS10 personal sound amplifiers can help you hear your travel companions when your flight is called and limit the background noise on that all-important last-minute phone call.

Our amplifiers can also enhance your listening enjoyment at movies, the theater and at other entertainment venues by minimizing background noise so that you can hear the performance.

On The Go

Is it hard for you to hear when you’re on the phone in your car, outside or while out and about?

Background noise from your car, other people around you and life, in general, can make it very difficult to hear everything on a phone call.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the CS50+ and CS10 personal sound amplifiers gives you crystal clear, hands-free reception of your mobile telephone calls wherever you roam.

With the included carrying case and an additional battery, you’ll always have what you need to stay connected.